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tv   News 4 Today at 6  NBC  January 24, 2012 6:00am-7:00am EST

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and pea soup out there. some places like a thin brother. tom will tell us when we'll see the sun today. i'm proud of the fact that i pay a lot of taxes. >> i'd like to bring everybody -- >> plus, tax talk. overnight, mitt romney did what he promised and released his tax returns. how much he made and how much he paid. good morning to you, and welcome to "news4 today." i'm eun yang. >> good morning, i'm joe krebs. let's take a look outside now. we have had some fog around the region, causing problems for commuters. 43 degrees right now. tom's here with a look at the day and the forecast. >> yeah. don't really have any -- really low visibility problems in the district or suburbs. it's rural areas and parts of northern montgomery county into north center maryland where there is dense fog this morning. right now, there's a live picture of our skyline. there's capitol hill in the distance. no visibility problems here in washington. but there are low clouds, 44 at reagan national. we've got a light, westerly breeze. farther west, shenandoah valley
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into the mountains, most locations in the mid to upper 30s. and from the shenandoah valley east across virginia, most locations low to mid 40s. and from south mountain and braddock mountain in maryland to the bay, it's generally right around 40 degrees including montgomery and howard countys. in prince george's county, the mid 40s. it's in the low to mid 40s in fairfax county, as well as much of southern maryland, the northern neck and eastern show. right near the waters, it's near 50 degrees. and there's the view from space. we are getting a few breaks in the clouds over the central and southern shenandoah valley. they're see something predawn stars in the sky. and later today, we ought to get some of that clearing here, too, locally by later this morning. sunshine breaking out. we'll still be in the 40s through much of the morning. quickly climbing into the 50s this afternoon with lots of sunshine. the fog should be dissipating by about 9:00 this morning. sunrise at 7:21. sunset at 5:20. a look at the evening planner at 6:11. how's traffic? picking up steam on i-95 in
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virginia. if you're heading northbound, starting to slow around lorton road. and the delays continue as you make your way past fairfax county parkway. at backlick road, you see volume is increasing. so far you still have a good travel speed if you're hitting the roadways now. i can tell you from the occoquan river bridge to the beltway, you're at 51 miles per hour. and that trip will take you 12 minutes. and if you're taking the rails now, two delays on the marc. both kind of minor now. brunswick east, train number 870, 14 minutes. and train 841 with a five-minute delay. back to you. >> thank you very much. new from overnight, mitt romney's big secret revealed. he released his 2010 tax returns after midnight. they show he made more than $21 million in income last year and paid just over $3 million in taxes. that's a tax cut rate of 14%. that's less than half of what challenger newt gingrich paid. romney says his taxes became a distraction in south carolina, and it was a mistake not to have released them earlier.
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just two days after his 12-point loss to gingrich in the south's first primary, mitt romney took a much more combative tone at the first debate in florida. romney attacked gingrich for what he called a lack of leadership. the speaker of the house. called him "influence pedlar." that was in reference to gingrich's time as a consultant for mortgage giant freddie mac. >> you said you were paid $300,000mac. as an historian. they don't pay people $25,000 a month for six years as historians. >> there's a point in this process where it gets unnecessarily personal and nasty. and that said, i have never, ever gone and done any lobbying -- >> the gingrich campaign also released some documents that were the source of controversy. before the debate, gingrich released information about his relationship with freddie mac. his consulting firm released their contract with the government-sponsored housing agency. shows gingrich was paid $300,000
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for consulting services starting in 2006 and again in 2007. the former house speaker has been accused of lobbying for the agency but maintains he was only an historian for freddie mac's top lobbyist. gingrich's firm started consulting for freddie mac in 1999 at the rate of $25,000 a month but say they can no longer find those contracts. later today, president obama will address congress and the nation with his third state of the union address. this is video of last year's speech. with his re-election campaign already underway, the president's speech will focus on the economy. he'll also touch on manufacturing, clean energy, education, and american values. indiana governor mitch daniels will deliver the republican response. herman cain will deliver a separate response from the tea party. as one of her last acts as a member of congress, gabrielle giffords along with her husband mark kelly will watch the speech from the first lady's box. she's expected to submit her letter of resignation later this week.
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giffords is stepping down to focus on her recovery. and you can watch the state of the union address tonight at 9:00 here on nbc 4. all roads near the capitol will be closed during the state of the union address. parts of constitution avenue, independence avenue, and pennsylvania avenue among others will close down at 7:00 tonight. police expect the roads to be open shortly after the speech ends. happening today, the man accused of trying to kill president obama by firing a gun at the white house will be in court. oscar ramiro ortation oh hernandez is scheduled to be arraigned this afternoon. last week a grand jury indicted him on charges of assaulting three federal officers and damaging federal property. he also faces four separate firearms charge in addition to the attempted assassination charge. hernandez was arrested last november and initially charged with firing several rifle rounds at the white house. a preliminary hearing has been rescheduled for march in the case against the suspected east coast rapist. according to the "washington post," an attorney for aaron
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thomas requested a mental health evaluation for his client. the newspaper reports that the court-appointed attorney filed the motion stating that thomas is engaged in self-destructive behavior and will not communicate with his attorney. investigators say he is responsible for a string of attacks from virginia to connecticut dating back to the 1990s. thomas was arrested in november and is currently in jail in prince william county. 6:06 the time. 43 degrees. why a professional athlete declined an invitation to the white house. plus, ahead at 6:20. dramatic new video. an avalanche and a frantic rescue caught on tape. and next, what will soon be allowed at the happiest place on earth that's been banned since the 1950s.
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beginning next month you'll see something you've never seen at disneyland or disney world before -- bearded employees. they're loosening the dress code known as the disney look to allow employees to grow beards and goatees. there are restrictions. the facial hair must be shorter than a quarter inch, and soul patches are not allowed. who's going to be going around with a ruler measuring the length of the hair? >> you know, there are a lot the folks on our news4 morning team who could world at disney world. you know what i'm saying? >> there are. and some who couldn't. >> right. i couldn't. >> that's a nice beard you have. >> all right. matt, our bearded producer is telling us to go tom. >> okay. let's go to tom. time with tom. good morning, we are starting off this morning again with some fog. but it's not as widespread as it was yesterday morning. it's -- generally confined to the rural areas of west virginia, virginia, and maryland. visibilities are down under 1/8
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mile in locations. watch for deer. watch out for students waiting for school buses in the denner fog. down into the -- denser fog. down to the 30s in frederick and loudoun county and the west. part of the panhandle of virginia in the freezing mark. shenandoah valley, closer to washington, montgomery, fairfax, prince george's county, low to mid 40s as well as the district of columbia under a low cloud cover. later today, sunshine breaking out, and we should get above 50 degrees this afternoon. maybe even hit the mid 50s by mid-afternoon with lots of sun. clear tonight, low 40s by midnight. a look at the rest of the week, could get rain by the end of the week. we'll look at that and the weekend in ten minutes. danella? very foggy in some areas. still very foggy on i-270. this is the view at clarksburg road. if you're taking 270, you're slow out of frederick. delays continue. once you goat clarksburg road, the road opens up as you head southbound. you will start to see some congestion again as you make your way to rockville. now back to you both. >> all right. thanks. 6:11.
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43 degrees. senator rand paul's beef with airport security. next, when the shuttle "discovery" will make a final flight.
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good morning. welcome back. the smithsonian's national air and space museum is getting ready it welcome the space shuttle "discovery" into its collection. look at the video of "discovery's" last liftoff. the smithsonian says the shuttle will be flown to dulles airport on the back of a boeing 747 in april before arriving at the final home at the massive hangar in northern virginia. "discovery" will fly over washington, d.c., and that flyover is planned for april 17. so clean off your sunglasses. a formal welcome ceremony will be held on april 19. kentucky senator rand paul says airport security at nashville detained him on his way back to washington. tsa agents stopped the republican when an alarm was triggered while going through security. the tsa says agents that escorted paul out of the screening area because he refused to undergo a pat-down. paul has been a long-time critic
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of the tsa. >> it's not because of who i am. americans are going through the airport every day being subjected to these indignities. nobody's thinking about who could or would attack us. >> paul missed his flight but was able to get on a later one. the white house is coming to the defense of the tsa and says airport security acted appropriately. actor tracy morgan is out of the hospital and heading back to work. sources say the "30 rock" star stepped off a stage at an awards ceremony. witnesses say he was acting dizzy and confused before collapsing on sunday. a spokesperson says that morgan was overcome by a mixture of exhaustion and high altitude there. morgan was released from the hospital yesterday on. twitter the actor said he will be back at work today. three days of memorial service begin today for legendary penn state football coach joe paterno. events start with a viewing at pascarella spiritual center on campus. he will be buried tomorrow. a public memorial ceremony will
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be held thursday afternoon. paterno died sunday, less than three months after doctors diagnosed the 85-year-old with lung cancer. penn state fired paterno last november when his former defensive coordinator jerry dusk was accused -- sandusky was accused of sexually abusing young boys. president obama has offered his condolences to the president obama family saying he and the first lady would keep them in their prayers. we're hearing from the hockey player who snubbed the white house. the bruins were invited to the white house to celebrate their 2011 stanley cup chip. the most valuable player, goalie tim thomas, chose to stay home. in a statement thomas says his decision is based on his belief that the federal government has too much influence over americans' lives. thomas posted a message on his official facebook page saying it wasn't about politics or an official party because, "in my opinion both parties are responsible for the situation we are in as a country." capitals star alex on, veve
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is on thin ice over this hit. he was suspended three games for leaving his feet when he hit defense man mccough off. that's a harsh punishment flaen since ovechkin wasn't penalized and mccullough wasn't hurt. he will miss games against boston and florida but can return for the game against the montreal canadiens. in the coming days, disaster aid information will be made available to areas of virginia hit hard by last year's east coast earthquake. a 5.8 earthquake shook much of the east coast in august, you'll recall. so far the federal government approved more than $25 million in disaster aid for virginia. state and federal officials will hold town hall meetings in culpeper, guchland, and favlona counties. the first is tonight at culpeper high school at 7:00. today the governor of alabama will survey the damage after at least two tornadoes killed two people and injured more than 100.
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the twisters also destroyed more than 200 homes across the heart of alabama. the system moved through arkansas, tennessee, and mississippi yesterday morning, leaving a path of destruction. some people found their homes in pieces. >> we made it just in the nick of time. the good lord blessed us. we're just glad we're here. we lost our house, but at least we have -- sorry. we got our family. that's all that matters right now. >> many say they were not prepared for tornadoes in january. they thought the storm was bringing in sleet and rain. this morning, a washington state man is sharing his story of being trapped in an avalanche. john swanson and his friends were out for a day of snowmobile riding. you'll see the snow on the mountain starts to move. the snow quickly swallows swanson, burying him alive. >> i was just buried like it was in concrete or frozen in an ice
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cube. they knew where i went in the snow, and that was the saving grace, knowing exactly where i went in the snow. they started digging in the area. >> they got him out. this morning swanson is home and expected to make a full recovery. >> he was a lucky man. >> very lucky. probably think twice before he goes snowmobiling in those conditions again. >> dangerous. almost 6:21. time for weather & traffic on the 1s. we had fog yesterday, things clearer this morning? >> yeah. the fog is not as widespread, but we still have patchy, dense fog, especially areas north and northwest of washington in parts of loudoun county, montgomery, howard, frederick, carroll counties, and washington county, panhandle of west virginia, northern shenandoah valley, watch out, there's patchy, dense fog there. temperatures are just down into the 30s across the washington county and into the panhandle of west virginia. much of the shenandoah valley. however, out of the mountains, many locations are into the 40s now. we're in the low 40s in montgomery and prince george's county, mid to low 40s in fairfax and arlington, the district, near the chesapeake bay in the 40s to near 50
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degrees. away from the waters in southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore, many locations low and mid 40s. getting breaks in the clouds over the shenandoah valley. we'll have some of those breaks come our way later this morning. we'll get sunshine, and we'll have our temperatures climbing to near 50 by noontime. our sunrise at 7:21. during the afternoon, we'll be hitting the mid 50s. and all the snow that fell on friday night and saturday morning, a lot of that's going to be gone. then as we get into tomorrow, sun in the morning, afternoon highs, mid 40s with increasing clouds. rain likely on thursday. mainly midday, afternoon, into the evening. it may linger into friday morning. then sun back friday afternoon with a high around 50. over the weekend, sunshine and a bit chilly or saturday. colder weather moves in sunday and monday. how's traffic? good morning. if you're traveling on i-66, seeing a little fog. more importantly, you're slow out of haymarket. delays continue as you head past sudd sudly road to fairfax. stop and go.
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the lanes are filling up. the good news, no accidents on i-66. just delays this morning. on i-95, delays start around lorton and continue as you pass fairfax county parkway and connect on to 395. and on the rails, a couple of delays on the marc. republicans will be east train 870 -- brunswick east train 870, a delay. and on 875, just a five-minute delay. back to you. >> thanks. >> she's shaking her head. i want you to know that. it's 6:22. 43 degrees. after the break, the potentially groundbreaking find for anyone with vision problems. plus, ahead, the major overhaul that will inconvenience metro riders for quite a long time. next, why people on a tiny island are royally upset. ♪ ♪
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welcome back. tourists on the tiny island of mustique are speaking out against the security surrounding the duchess of cambridge, saying it's too much. guests at both of the island's hotels say security is taking extra measures to make sure no pictures are taken of kate middleton and her family. mustique is a privately owned island in the caribbean. prince william is expected to join them later this week once
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he finishes his shift in north wales. for the first time a clinical trial of human embryonic stem cells has shown success. it was used on patients that suffer from macular degeneration, the leading cause of blindness in the elderly. the cells helped to partially restore sight in both patients. one no longer news a magnifying glass to read and another can go shopping on her own. scientists said they were dealing with near perfect conditions, and that the results are only preliminary. ahead, why occupy d.c.'s days in mcpherson square could be numbered. and a street that could have doubled as an ice rink.
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end of the occupation. well, this morning a critical hearing gets underway as local protesters are not taking it lying down. good morning, welcome back to "news4 today." i'm joe krebs. >> i'm eun yang. this morning, we are keeping a close eye on the fog. if you look outside, you may be saying, what fog. here's upper montgomery county where it is still pretty thick
6:30 am
in some places. this is i-270 at father hurley boulevard where traffic is crawling along on the right-hand side, as you see there. and any time that there is fog or any inclement weather, you know that's going affect the commute. >> yep. tom is here to tell us how widespread that is. and how long it's going to linger. the fog is similar, too, in western fairfax and loudoun county, too, this morning. similar to that. you get closer to washington, we don't have hardly any fog at all. you get down farther to the south, look at this live view from our city camera. there's capitol hill in the distance, although there is cloudiness. there isn't much fog around the metro area. however, eastern portions of loudoun county and western portions of forecast, especially reston, herndon, sterling, visibilities are down to less than a quarter mile in some locations. watch out for students waiting at bus stops and for deer, as well. it's 44 at reagan national. it is down to just near 40 in montgomery and loudoun county and frederick county, the fog is
6:31 am
thicker. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia into western maryland, some locations near freezing. most areas above freezing. it's into the mid 40s in prince george's county. and fairfax and arlington counties. and much of southern maryland, there's still quite a bit of cloudiness, a little patchy, dense fog, too, across parts of virginia. right near the tidal president obama, as well as far southern maryland. lower eastern shore getting a few sprinkles. the clouds beginning to break up to the west. we ought to have sunshine breaking out as the morning progresses. 40s through mid morning. near 50 by noon. a sunny afternoon. getting into the low to mid 50s. so plan accordingly. sunrise at 7:21. sunset at 5:20. the evening planner in ten minutes. how's traffic? good morning, if you're taking the outer loop in montgomery county, hitting the brakes at new hampshire avenue. these delays will continue as you head toward georgia avenue. your travel speed now, 38 miles per hour. i have to show you this fog and delays on i-270 at father hurley. southbound on i-270. slow trip for you.
6:32 am
your first set of delays start out of frederick. they continue to clarksburg road. once you get to clarksburg, you're pretty good. again, slow approaching father hurley, and delays continue as you head into rockville. give yourself extra time because it is quite difficult to see right now. joe and eun, back to you. >> thank you very much. 6:32 now. today, d.c. police chief lanier will testify before a house subcommittee about the occupy d.c. encampment in mcpherson square. republican congressman darrell issa who chairs the oversight and government reform committee is holding the hearing. in the past issa has said he wants the protesters removed from federal land, citing concerns about rats, public safety, and damage to park property. occupy d.c. posted a statement on its web site saying, "the members of occupy d.c. at mcpherson square do not relish being in uncomfortable conditions that humans without housing have endured for millenia. it has become a necessary tactic to express our concern for the country's direction in a way that will maintain public
6:33 am
attention." this morning, family and friends are mourning the loss of a woman who was hit and killed in the parking lot of an elementary school in prince george's county. police say a driver in a maintenance van backed over 48-year-old bernette tucker may at samuel chase elementary school in temple hills yesterday morning. her family tells news4 that she was walking to the bus stop to visit her father. her daughter tameka butler is devastated. >> heartbroken. i lost my best friend. breaks my heart that somebody that my mother had to die like that. >> no students were on the school grounds at the time because it was a holiday for the students. the driver is cooperating with police, and so far no charges have been filed in this case. now new from overnight, firefighters evacuated people living above the qdoba mexican restaurant in georgetown because of high levels of carbon monoxide. firefighters just cleared the scene near 33rd and m streets
6:34 am
northwest. they'll tell news4 a faulty stove triggered a carbon monoxide alarm upstairs. two lights on the stove were left on. no one was injured and everyone was able to get back into their homes. also new from overnight, investigators are trying to figure out what caused a row house fire in the district. the fire broke out in the 4200 block of foote street northeast just before 1:00 this morning. officials say the fire started in the second floor bathroom. they say the home was undergoing renovations. no one was inside at the time of the fire. but the family next door was forced out of their home. maryland governor martin o'malley is pushing for a number of measures for this year's general assembly. he outlined them in his legislative agenda last night. the governor called on lawmakers to legalize same-sex marriage in maryland. o'malley is also pushing for offshore wind energy development which he says can create more jobs and reduce air pollution. his agenda also called for an increase in the flush tax on sewer bills. the governor says the increase would pay for upgrading
6:35 am
wastewater treatment facilities and reduce pollution in the chesapeake bay. tonight the montgomery county council will hold a public hearing to talk about installing cameras on the outside of school buses. the council first proposed the move in november. the cameras are meant to catch drivers who illegally pass buses when they're stopped. if caught, drivers could face a fine of $250. a survey released last year showed more than 7,000 vehicles passing stopped school buses in a single day statewide. 6:35. this morning a former cia officer is accused of repeatedly leaking classified secrets to reporters. authorities arrested john kiriakou. he told reporters he took part in the interrogation of terror suspect abu zabada. prosecutors charged him with violating the espionage act by passing classified information to journalists. prosecutors say the information included the identity of a covert cia officer and the name of a cia employee who interrogated zabada. kiriakou is out of jail after
6:36 am
posting a $250,000 bond. it's 6:35. 43 degrees. ahead, brace yourself. when an eight-month project on a busy metro station begins. also, the controversy over d.c.'s world war i memorial that has district leaders saying hands off. incredible video of a solar storm. [ male announcer ] this was how my day began.
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welcome back. 6:39. hollywood's heavy hitters are anxiously awaiting today's nominations for the 84th annual academy awards. there are new rules this year. there will be between five and ten nominees for best picture. some of the movies gaining buzz already, "the girl with the dragon tattoo," "the
6:40 am
descendants" and winner for best picture, "the artist." nominations will be announced live during the "today" show shortly after 8:30. you can watch that here on nbc 4. the oscars will be handed out on february 26. you loved "the artist." >> i did very much like it. i did. >> you have a bone to pick with the academy. >> i want to hear -- anxious to see whether "the debt's" going to get nominated. i thought it was a good film. >> all that timing. you got to wait until it's closer. >> came out early. good performances. >> i have a long list of movies to watch. >> i know. but it's going to be tough coming up with ten nominees worthy of an oscar. >> that's a lot. >> not a great year. >> all right. we shall see. it's just about 6:41. let's check in with meteorologist tom kierein about some of the fog in the region. low-hanging clouds and what it means for the forecast. tom? hi. yeah, that is a live picture we saw from the city camera. there's not a lot of fog around washington. there are some low clouds hanging in the sky over takoma park. brandywine, laurel, chantilly,
6:41 am
vienna, and domestic as cuss this morning. and -- damascus this morning. and there's patchy, dense fog in loudoun, fairfax, frederick, howard counties in maryland and parts of the panhandle of virginia and western maryland, temperatures in the 30s. 30s in much of the shenandoah valley. but points farther west there in the 40s. then south and east of washington, in the mid to upper 40s much of southern maryland, northern neck, eastern shore. there's also patchy, dense fog down interstate 95 around quantico. and near the tidal potomac as well as the bay. we're getting breaks in the clouds to the south and west. we ought to get sunshine breaking out mid morning. then a sunny afternoon with temperatures climbing into the mid 50s by mid-afternoon. then this evening under a clear sky, down to the low 40s by midnight. and then a cold start to tomorrow morning. we'll look at that and maybe rain by the end of the week. and we'll look at the weekend, too. that will be coming up in ten minutes. danella, how's traffic? seeing delays if you're traveling on 395. if you're taking 395, they start at edsall and continue as you
6:42 am
head north to seminary road. then you'll see some relief, but once you cross over boundary channel drive and make your way to the 14th street bridge, it is a very slow trip into the city. and on the rails, right now on the marc, i have a couple, five-minute delays, i want to focus on the 15-minute delay. train 872 is the long delay. metro and vre not reporting delays. back to you. >> thank you very much. new polls show a tight race in decision 2012. in a rasmussen survey, 41% of republican voters in florida support the former house speaker. romney received 32%. rick santorum finished third with 11%. and ron paul had 8%. a national gallup poll shows a virtual tie for first place. 29% backed romney. and 28% went with gingrich. ron paul finished ahead of rick santorum with 13% and 11% respectively. that front-runner status is
6:43 am
making gingrich the primary target for a former front-runner, mitt romney. romney took a much more combative tone at the first debate in florida. he attacked gingrich for what he called a lack of leadership as speaker of the house and called him "an influence pedlar." that was in response to gingrich's time as a consultant for mortgage giant freddie mac. >> you said you were paid $300,000 by freddie mac as an historian. they don't pay people $25,000 a month for six years as historians. >> there's a point in this process where it gets unnecessarily personal and nasty, and that said i have never, ever gone and done any lobbying. >> before the debate, the gingrich campaign released some documents showing his relationship with freddie mac. it shows gingrich was paid $300,000 for consulting services starting in 2006 and again in 2011. the former house speaker has been accused of lobbying for the agency, but he maintains he was only an historian for freddie
6:44 am
mac's top lobbyist. gingrich's firm started consulting in 1999 at $25,000 a month but say they can no longer find the contracts. after weeks of pressure from felly candidates, noim -- fellow candidates, romney's finances are on public display. he released his tax returns after midnight. romney says his taxes became a distraction in south carolina, and he says it was a mistake not to have released them earlier. angie goff with a closer look at the numbers. >> reporter: good morning, everyone. mitt romney released his 2010 tax returns after midnight. they showed that on top of being one of the wealthiest candidates to ever run for president, he is also paying much less in taxes than any other candidate on the trail. romney's taxes show that he made more than $21 million in 2010. now that's seven times the income of challenger newt gingrich. and $20 million more than what president obama made. after taking out more than $4 million in itemized deductions,
6:45 am
it looks like romney wound up paying just more than $3 million in taxes. now that equals out, if we were to put it in percentages, to a tax cut rate of about 14%, 13.9%. that's about half of what gingrich paid. now the reason why romney pays so little is because most of his profit is from dividends or interest on investments. much of which are foreign holdings. he also invests heavily in family trusts, and until last year invested in a swiss bank account. romney also donates a significant amount to charity, nearly $3 million last year alone. his largest donation was to the mormon church. they received about half of all of his donations. back to you. today in d.c., the man accused of trying to kill president obama will be formally charged. last week a grand jury indicted oscar ramiro ortega hernandez on an attempted assassination charge. he also faces charges of assaulting federal damage and
6:46 am
damaging federal property. hernandez was arrested last november after authorities said he fired several rounds off at the white house. he will be arraigned this afternoon. a preliminary hearing set for this week will take place in march instead. that's in the case of the accused east coast rapist. according to the "washington post," a lawyer for aaron thomas requested a mental health evaluation for his client. the newspaper reports the court-appointed attorney filed a motion stating that thomas was engaged in self-destructive behavior and will not communicate with his lawyers. investigators say he is responsible for a string of attacks from virginia to connecticut dating back to the 1990s. thomas was arrested in november and is currently in jail in prince william county. a secret service agent testified the man who shot president reagan became fixated on a row of books about presidential assassinations and president reagan. the agent says he got goose bumps after watching john hinckley jr. during a recent trip to williamsburg, virginia. the agent was assigned to
6:47 am
secretly watch hinckley. hinckley shot reagan in 1981. but a jury found him not guilty by reason of insanity. he has been hospitalized at st. elizabeth's in the district ever since. hinckley is seeking more unsupervised time to visit his mother in williamsburg. prosecors are fighting the request. this morning, you may want to put away your smart phones and ipads while walking on the streets of washington. d.c. police chief lanier says street robbers are targeting high-tech devices. >> this is nationwide. and not only nationwide, this has been a problem in other countries, as well. smartphones, small, mobile devices. primarily smartphone technology which is very popular, can be resold quickly on the black market. >> lanier spoke to a packed oughtyents at shepherd elementary school -- audience at shepherd elementary school in word 4 in northeast washington. law enforcement officials from montgomery and prince george's county who represent the counties near the border attended the meeting.
6:48 am
there's a controversial effort to rededicate the d.c. war memorial to all americans who fought in world war i. the memorial sits on independence avenue west of 17th street just near the tidal basin. it was dedicated in 1931 to salute the 26,000 washingtonians who fought in the great war. representative ted poe of texas is sponsoring a bill that would turn it into a national monument. district leaders say they plan to fight that. congress allocated $7.3 million in stimulus funds to restore the monument and those renovations were completed in november. new this morning, italian officials will begin pumping oil saturday from a capsized cruise ship. investigators are now analyzing light oil samples taken near the wreckage. they don't believe it leaked from heavy fuel from inside the ship's tanks. crews are setting up underwater equipment to begin extracting fuel this weekend. the "costa concordia" hit a reef january 13 and is now partially submerged. rescuers blasted another hole in the ship to access a deck where
6:49 am
they hope to find more victims. so far, 17 people are still missing. 15 others have been confirmed dead. this morning, martha stewart is facing some new legal trouble. cnbc's brian shactman is live with the story. good morning. >> reporter: joe, there's a little bats over martha stewart -- battle over martha stewart. macy's is suing martha stewart living for breach of contract. the department store says it has exclusive rights to sell martha stewart products. in december, the company sold a large stake to jc penni which plans to open martha stewa stewart-branded shops later this year. hence the problem that will play itself out in the court system. starbucks selling coffee to help people get wound up for their day. now it wants to offer a day to wind down at the end of the day. it's expanding sales of beer and wine to a small number of cafes in atlanta and southern california. starbucks already sells alcohol along with expanded food items in seattle and portland, oregon, and plans to bring the items to
6:50 am
chicago by the end of the year. the company doesn't plan to expand sales of alcohol nationwide. but it is hoping it will lead to more customers in the afternoon and evening. i guess it's -- they want to keep people there at night and take advantage of the free wi-fi. i would still prefer the local pub. that's just me. >> i hope -- i think they're wondering whether they can clear them by morningtime. that's the question. thank you very much. have a great day. >> get out of here, last call. >> see you. a solar storm is sending charged particles toward earth, and it could disrupt your gm device. this is some new video of the storm. scientists predict the radiation would ender it the earth's atmosphere beginning at 6:00 this morning and last through the day. they say the charged plasma will make its way around the earth in 34 hours. the storm started on sunday. it is the biggest solar storm in six years, but scientist say it should cause -- should not cause any other problems. back here on earth, snow
6:51 am
made for -- made travel a nightmare on one street in snowy utah. take a look at the video. >> whoa! >> ouch. that is ouchville. it shows cars struggling to travel on a snowy road in a town called bountiful, utah. at first drivers were barely able to manage through the slick surface, but the video shows that things get worse as it goes on. cars are spinning, crashing into trees, even one hit a snowplow. and crashing into each other, as well. even four-wheel drive vehicles had no chance on these slick roads. yep. the four-wheel drive doesn't help when you start sliding. >> no. look -- we missed it. this morning, fairfax county parents want to know why their children had to go school on time when the federal government had a weather delay. the government announced a two-hour delay sunday night when the forecast called for possible icy roads for the morning commute. monday morning that forecast changed a bit, and forecast officials felt a late start for schools was unnecessary.
6:52 am
parents felt there was a disconnect in an area heavily populated with federal workers. parents are hoping for better coordination as communication improves between the government and local jurisdictions. going to try to get it right. >> yes. >> can't please everybody. >> hard to coordinate. you can't please everyone, exactly. >> the crews did a great job salting and sanding everything. really all the main thoroughfares, even side streets were wet on monday morning. this morning, temperatures are above freezing, and we're still dealing with some fog issues. not right in the district of columbia. that's a live view from the city camera. we can easily see capitol hill in the distance. reagan national now at 44 degrees. we've got a light westerly breeze now. it is damp and chilly down into the low to mid 40s through the region. shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, and up into western maryland, a few locations there are in the low to mid 30s. we've had the cloud cover, low clouds hanging in this morning. there are a few breaks in the clouds along the blue ridge and farther south, throughout the southern and central shenandoah
6:53 am
valley. skies clearing there. we will get sunshine here around the metro area, too, as the day progresses. sunrise at 7:21. ought to hit the mid 50s by this afternoon across the metro area. maybe even warmer in parts of virginia as we get into the middle of the afternoon. and then this evening, sun set's at 5:20. clear, low 40s by midnight. by dawn tomorrow, near 30. sunshine tomorrow morning, a few clouds in the afternoon on wednesday. highs in the mid 40s. then it looks like rain likely moving in on wednesday. looks like the timing will be thursday afternoon and evening. may linger into midday friday. then sun back friday afternoon. highs, 40s to 50s. sunshine on saturday. and highs in the upper 40s, but colder weather moves in for sunday and monday. how's traffic now? >> good morning. if you're traveling i-95 in virginia, your delays are out of prince william parkway. and they may continue as you head toward 395. on i-66, slow, as well. this is at waples mill. these delays continue as you head to the beltway. and i will give you a travel speed eastbound from fairfax county parkway to the beltway.
6:54 am
you're at 35 miles per hour. and if you're making the trip on i-70, still -- 270, excuse me, still slow at father hurley boulevard. delays continue to rockville. no accidents, just a lot of fog and expect delays. back to you. >> thank you. relief is on the way for metro riders tired of walking up and down broken escalators at the dupont circle metro station. you're going to need your walking shoes for a few months. metro is closing the north entrance at the dupont circle metro station. that's on 19th street northwest. that will happen on february 1. and it will be closed for up to 8 1/2 months while crews tear out the old escalators and install three new ones. during that time, riders will have to enter and exit using the south entrance. that's on q street northwest. later today, president obama will address congress and the nation with his third state of the union. this is video of last year's address. with his re-election campaign underway, the president's speech will focus on the economy.
6:55 am
he'll also touch on manufacturing, clean energy, education, and american values. indiana governor mitch daniels will deliver the gop response. herman cain will deliver a separate response from the tea party. as one of her final duties in congress, gabrielle giffords and her husband mark kelly will watch the speech from the first lady's box tonight. she's expected to submit her letter of resignation later this week. giffords is stepping down to focus on her recovery. and you can watch the state of the union address tonight at 9:00 here on nbc 4. be prepared for extra security and street closures around the capitol tonight. parts of constitution avenue, independence avenue, and pennsylvania avenue among others will close down at 7:00 tonight. police expect the roads to open shortly after the address is over. the president is unlikely to show off his singing voice again tonight. but you can hear it now every day if you so choose. ♪ i am so in love with you
6:56 am
[ applause ] >> yeah, you'll recall last week he sang a few lines from al green's classic "let's stay together together" at a new york fundraiser. his re-election campaign is seizing on all the good publicity and turned the rendition into a ring tone for your cell phone. ♪ >> can see meetings being interrupted around town. it's available for download right now on president obama's re-election web site. >> he -- i think people surprised he has such a good singing voice. >> wonderful if he'll -- he'll do it tonight. >> might not be the right place. tom, the forecast? fog around. patchy this morning, not as widespread as yesterday morning. that should dissipate mid morning. sunshine back this afternoon and warmer. then maybe some rain moves in thursday into friday. back to you. >> thank you very much. that is "news4 today." thank you for starting your day with us. with us. >> the "today" show
6:57 am
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